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Light Portal Cranes

They come out from single-girder portal crane constructions. The important difference is a portal drive realized by manual pulling or pushing an unloaded portal. Lower own weight and thus, lower load bear capacity is assumption of these kind of handling. We supply standard light portal cranes with capacities up to 5000 kg.

Portal cranes use travelling polyurethane swivelling wheels equipped with brake system what ensure accurate and safe handling. Light portal cranes are primarily used vertically in girder axis of crane for loading and unloading of burdens too heavy for human strength. For security reasons, it is not recommended to move the crane if the burden is hanging.

Technical Information

  • Maximum load bearing capacity up to 5000 kg
  • Colour: RAL 1007
  • Span: up to 7 m
  • Hight of lift: up to 5 m
  • Speed of crane trolley drive: manual
  • Speed of hoist trolley drive: normally 5 / 20 [m/min]
  • Speed of lift: microlift with the main lift up to 8 [m/min]
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Type of profile: closed GISKB profiles or tube-shaped with “I” cross section
  • We supply standard chain hoists LIFTKET or rope hoists STREET
  • Controlling via hanging button-controllers
  • Power supply of crane: via cable trolleys right in profiles or next to profiles, via closed trolleys covered by plastic or via energy chains
  • Crane setting: outside and inside


  • Each crane is projected to measure according to customer´s requirements to be adapted to a place and shed´s conditions (or to open space) and still work effectively and safely
  • Lay out of crane weight into two or four end carriages guarantees safe handling with load and the whole crane stability
  • The possibility to place the crane both inside and outside
  • Safety hooks prevent the load from sliding and brake travelling wheels prevent the crane from moving off during handling with load
  • Economically saving solution
  • Easy handling and assembling
  • Light, movable, safe

Accessories and options

  • Large selection of various kinds of slings made by the Cralif company available from: http://viazacieprostriedky.cralif.sk/en/
  • In case of remote control, the crane could be equipped with emergency control via the hanging button-controller which could move along the whole crane independently of crab trolley drive or it could be connected to the main switchboard of the crane via connector
  • Crane is equipped with two hoists working either independently or in tandem (at the same time) using just one controller
  • Colour according to customer´s requirements
  • Modification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Version with manual drive of all mechanisms

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