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Wall-Travelling Jib Cranes

It is a movable beam, or more precisely wall travelling jib crane providing new solutions with handling with loads for divided workplaces. These cranes provide better coverage of work surface with hook than slewing jib pillar cranes or wall slewing cranes which get only at work surface around their immediate proximity from the place of anchoring (pillar, bracket etc.). Due to their light construction and movable wheels, this crane can go almost everywhere.  This system is suitable for overlapping workplaces in connection with overhead cranes on a higher altitude level.

Technical Information

  • The maximum load bearing capacity up to 20000 kg
  • The colour: RAL 1007
  • Unpacking according to customer´s requirements and construction capabilities
  • Anchoring to vertical crane railway determined for this type of jib cranes
  • Speed of crane trolley drive: one-speed or two-speed, controlled with frequency converter
  • Speed of hoist trolley drive: manual or electric 5/20 [m/min]
  • Speed of lift: microlift with the main lift up to 8 [m/min]
  • Type of profile: tube-shaped profiles with “I” cross section
  • We supply standard chain hoists LIFTKET or rope hoists STREET
  • Controlling via hanging button-controllers or radio remote controllers
  • Power supply of crane: via cable trolleys, via closed trolleys covered by plastic or via energy chains
  • Crane setting: outside and inside


  • Each crane is projected to measure according to customer´s requirements to be adapted to a place and shed´s conditions (or to open space) and still work effectively and safely
  • Long-term operation with minimal costs for maintenance and without any problems
  • Safety hooks prevent the burden from sliding
  • These cranes make the work with burden easier and more effective
  • Easy handling
  • These cranes is able to cover almost entire work surface

Accessories and Options

  • Large selection of various kinds of slings made by the Cralif company available from: http://viazacieprostriedky.cralif.sk/en/
  • Complete electric installation including lockable main switch and current supply to lifting device
  • Colour according to customer´s requirements
  • Modification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Version with electric drive of all devices
  • Special version of heavy wall-travelling jib cranes according to customer´s requirements

Why Cralif?